About us

The Company

Real Estate Paraiso Asturias is formed by a young team, full of excitement, enthusiasm and desire to to work.

Customer Service

Our goal is not to sell, but to provide our customers with the most complete information possible, the necessary comparisons, so that between both parties, we get to find the house, flat, apartment, premises, farm or business that you really want.

The Market

Every time the offer is wider and there are great professionals and friends while on the sector, working together enable us to achieve our goal.


Our goal is to understand the needs and requests of our customers in order to advise and suggest them, and get them what they want. Every customer is different, different needs, different ideas, for each of them there is a property expecting, if we do not have it in our portfolio, we seek it.


We have previously done work in various sectors such as industry, hospitality, accounting, etc. So from all of those fields we've learned something and it's time to apply it in real world, so we have made a wide network of contacts both individuals and of Investors who make our field expands by entire country and not just in real estate.


We thank all our Customer-owners, their confidence in our agency for marketing your home, farm, home or business. Having no doubt that we are moving and do our work with pleasure and tenacity.

Thanks to all.

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